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Tragedy and loss

Among my favorite anime, there are a few that I never ever recommend to others. It’s not the weird ones. It’s not even just the ecchi. I’m talking about shows that are so precious to me that I’d probably get upset if my recommendation just fell flat. But can you really blame them? Every work of art deserves at least your undivided attention, and yet, I’m guilty too. I’ll gladly watch seasonal shows while also playing Mario Kart or looking at my phone. In a pinch, I’ll even watch them on my phone. There’s so many new shows airing every week, and a lot of them are mediocre and uninspired. How do you expect anyone to keep up while also staying focused through all of them? But this seasonal grind just makes it even more special when a show goes… more →

Catching up

Hey reader. Happy new year? It has been eight months since I last posted anything on this blog. Is that the longest hiatus I’ve ever taken? Maybe. Probably not. I enjoyed writing those longer posts about computers and generally being a massive edgelord, but it also takes me literally weeks to finish writing a single one of those. That’s time that I just haven’t been able to set aside recently. But I’m back now. I don’t really have anything in particular that I want to write about, so I guess I’ll just go over a few things that happened since the last time we spoke. Side hustle Traffic grew last year. I suppose that means the human population is still increasing. It usually does. I’m not sure what more to say about that, except that I’m glad my website infrastructure is built… more →

Sticky note

1 I put this sticky note on my window on the first week of school. I needed pictures of something where the foreground was close by, but the background was far away. It was for the project I was composing for the new semester, and I took pictures of this note on my window for the input images. ↩︎

Catching up on this year

Welcome back reader! I’ve been gone for more than a year, and a lot of things have changed. I haven’t stopped blogging. I was just scared off of this blog, because of all the visitors spilling over from my calculator page. So, I made four or five other blogs so I could write without wondering how many strangers were going to read the posts I wrote. Here are some things that have happened to me since September 2013, to get you up to speed: I got an offer last December to be a TA for a class at my university, which meant a 20-hour commitment and lots of cool perks. I was in San Diego visiting a friend when I got the offer (it was past midnight during winter break). I was almost going to reply immediately and turn down the… more →

What I learned from the first million

It’s almost impossible to avoid sounding pretentious when you’re telling your own success story, and I really am sorry for the way my writing sounds. Some of you may even chide me for such a relaxed definition of success. Say what you will, but for the past year, I’ve heard countless mom-and-pop recounts about this website given to older cousins, reunited classmates, and complete strangers (strangers to me, at least). Parent’s eat that stuff up. They love hearing how little kids find ways to make a bit of income, or how they are so lucky to have economically-applicable talent so long before most teenagers start thinking about their careers. All this, and the reverie of extraordinary overnight success, is quite pleasant to hear, but fundamentally ignores reality by reassigning to luck, credit rightfully due to hard work, befittingly so, as… more →