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Plants vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s very addicting, but overall, a pretty stupid game. :D Yeah, perfect for me. You can try the free flash version, download a free trial, or buy the full thing. You could also get this game through some other methods... *ahem* Random pictures: I took these with my phone, so the quality isn’t that great ._. The clouds in this one kind of look like a rib cage..


Today, I had to go somewhere. But I forgot. I’m not going in to anymore detail than that. But forgetting things is just so easy for me. Especially because of winter break and everything. I can’t just keep forgetting things, so I decided that I needed an agenda or notebook to keep track of things that I had to do. I don’t mean routine things like going to church or bringing PE clothes, but special events that don’t follow a specific schedule. I was going to go to Staples and buy one of those nice fancy planners that they always have, but instead, I just made one myself. So, I’m gonna show you how I made it. (The final product.) So, you’ll need Spiral Notebook. (Composition books don’t work well for this. Knife Pliers By this point, you probably already know what I’m gonna say word for word. Mainly… more →

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Those balloons were hard to make ._. Look at the 99 Ranch people wearing hats :) I highlighted them so you can see it better. -Roger I’m looking for new music to put on the Mooosic thing >> Any ideas?


If you haven’t watched 500 Days of Summer or Coraline, go watch them. They’ve both been out for a while now. It was really windy today. That’s why this picture’s really blurry: More pictures: So which one do you like best? Mooosic updates: Lots of new songs on Mooosic. The new ones are indicated with the *NEW* thing on their titles. Does anyone even listen to Mooosic? ._.

Freeing up Disk Space (4Nubs)

4 Ways to Free-Up disk space. (Without destroying your computer.) 1. Shadow Copies Shadow copies were introduced back in WinXP days. They were geared towards big companies that had lots of important information. If someone deleted or modified a file and you needed the original copy back, shadow copies could get it for you. It’s not as idealistic as it sounds. Shadow copying just makes periodic copies of files that you enable it on. So, instead of having 1 40KB word document, you have 10, from the past 10 weeks. Obviously, this method can take up a lot of disk space. Most of us don’t really care about our data. And when we do, we’re smart enough to back it up somewhere else. But Microsoft has enabled shadow-copies by default with Windows Vista and Windows 7. So, to fix this problem, you can limit the… more →

CSS Mini-Reference

CSS is the part of web-designing that makes your stuff look pretty. You can apply CSS in a lot of ways. First, you can put the CSS directly in a HTML tag by using the style attribute. <div style="color:red;">This text is red!</div> This code produces: This text is red! Don’t forget to put a semicolon (;) after each CSS statement. You can also apply CSS using internal style sheets. A typical HTML document looks like this: <!DTD blah blah> <HTML> <HEAD> (The CSS goes right here.) </HEAD> <BODY> </BODY> </HTML> In the HEAD section of your HTML document, add these tags to indicate an internal style sheet. <style type="text/css"> </style> All of your internal style-sheet stuff goes between these two style tags. You can apply styles by the tag-name (div, span, img, a). You can also apply them by the ID or the CLASS of the tag. So, if you wanted to make all your links red, type this inside your… more →


New Twitter! Epically awesome: New picture: (Off the cliff next to DB’s Kaiser Clinic.) What do you think? netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" static 1 (Sets IP Config. Good for brute-force network hacks.) more info -Roger I have a habit of juxtaposing unrelated things, as you can see.


There’s no perfect product. On Newegg, RMA and DOA stories make you feel as if everything sucks. There are lot of complaints about web hosting services and I had to look through hundreds to come to the right one. So, if you’re wondering how much something sucks, ask the Internet. And when I say Internet, I mean Google. In Google’s all-powerful searchbar, type in "[Product] sucks" (Make sure you include the quotes. This makes google search for both of the words together instead of separately.) After you get your results, look for the number of result pages that you get. This is the suckage rating. So, to see how much Real Player sucks, do a Google search on "Real Player Sucks" If a product has a space, or if it has multiple names, add the totals from all the searches combined. For example, IE Sucks returns 45200 results (at the time… more →


Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart Captcha is fairly common on the Internet. It’s used to prevent spam. It looks like this: Yeah. You’ve probably seen it before. Well today, RogerHub got it’s first spam comment (Yay!) So, I deleted it, and I put this fairly useless spam-prevention thing on all the comment forms. So, have fun typing those 6 digit numbers. Another thing: I’ve added a pop-up Mooosic player that you can open by clicking "pop-up player" on the mooosic sidebar gadget. (props to waverly) -Roger Show-off picture It doesn’t look that great when you zoom in. So don’t zoom in. I updated the Boggert About Page with Screenshots. Go check it out :)

Hijack a Computer! (4Nubs)

.. with the owner’s permission of course. Yes, it’s possible. And without fancy firewall configs too! TeamViewer! You don’t even have to install it! Click the Start Full Version - It’s Free! button and when you’re prompted, choose "Run" instead of "Install". (Choosing "Run") Both you and your partner need TeamViewer in order for you to hijack their computer. You’ll both get a screen that looks like this: The to-be-hijacked computer should tell the hijacker the ID and Password that shows up on their screen. The hijacker enters in the username and password, and bam. You’ve just hijacked their computer! You can use their computer just as if you were sitting right beside them. If you’re wondering, the wallpaper I’m using is from Same place as last time.. This morning, the mailman drove his mailtruck onto our street as he usually did. But once he came, the pouring rain suddenly… more →

Google and Bing

Yeah, I know Bing is old news. Bing is more visually appealing. And for general searching, both search sites are sufficient. But I still prefer Google for many reasons: First, Google has been around for much longer. If you can’t get to, it means that your internet is dead, not theirs. And, Google hasn’t changed their homepage in years. There’s no ads (usually), and no fancy flash content (like in Yahoo and Bing). Yeah. Very nice. If you have double or triple monitors and your desktop is spanned, it looks great. Second, Google’s search algorithm is noticeably better. So, if I’m trying to get to Art of Problem Solving’s AMC 12 Archive, I would type in "AMC 12 Problems". AoPS is dominant in archiving a lot of math competition stuff, so it makes sense that they would be first in the results. Google Search There it… more →


So, I will be taking the 70-680 in January. Just because I have nothing better to do. "[SCCM 2007] works with Windows Server 2008 Network Policy Server (NPS) to restrict computers from accessing the network if they do not meet specified requirements, such as having security updates installed." -Microsoft 70-680 Training Kit So, if you can’t access the network, how do you get your security updates? ._. -Roger