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The anti-aliasing and subpixel gussing needs work and heh some DOM methods still suck. But damn, this is beautiful.


So roger, tell us about your greatest weakness.(Crud. Oh crud. Alright, well I’m supposed to say something like I work too hard or I get too caught up in my work. It didn’t sound so demeaning last week. Gotta make something up quick. Weakness. Like getting distracted? Man it’s gotta be positive. Damn, I’m sweating bullets.) My greatest weakness.. Probably working with other people. (Yeah, that’s partially true. I’d really prefer to work alone. Actually, that’s not true. I’d like a bajillion clones of myself with unquestioning obedience and access to whatever I’m thinking of at the moment.) Usually I work alone on my projects. Partly because there wasn’t anyone in my life who I could really discuss programming about, with. (ROGER! stop stuttering damit.) Then, I’ve got this theory about programming in teams. (Okay, familiar territory. I got this planned.)… more →


Heh. I really don’t have time to blog on RogerHub because of IB. Though, I like the workload since now, I never feel like I’m wasting time. (Just finished ~60 pages of BMU) Heh. So I’ll just go train-of-thought and type down whatever I can think of in 5 minutes. So I’m tutoring this Mexican guy in geometry and sometimes, I just don’t see how people don’t understand something. I thought it’d be interesting and all to tutor, but it’s really idle and pointless. You know, I saw this guy doing a news summary thing on CNet on the 16th. (I remember this because Diaspora opened up their repository and IE9 went beta.) I’ve no idea how to pronounce most of the words related to internet/web events. So, when I see these live broadcasts of people talking about github and… more →


This is a bit late, but the ACSI published their annual report on customer satisfaction in the US and this time, its about E-Business. So like, holy crap right? And this year, they added social networking companies to the list. Since I’m a total prick when it comes to social networking, I thought I’d talk about that. Whoops, I forgot the link. Here it is. Okay I’m just joking, here it is for realz. Go check it out—I’ll wait. Cutting the crap, Facebook gets 2nd to last in the long list of competitors. Though with social networking, there’s not a lot of precedence to compare to. But if Facebook is so horribly “unsatisfying” why do 400 million people continue to use it? [source] Customers are willing to suffer through a poor experience in return for the benefits Facebook provides. This is a rare… more →


Bleghh.. Physics is such a drag, along with websites to do, SAT crap. Then I’ve got to write crap to keep this lame website alive. Inuyasha!.. but then I’ve got to write a report on the biggest Transformers-geek in history. News to keep up with, free mousepads and trolling 11-year-old’s. From Goossens’ collection of ancient sci-fi films (ffs they’re on VHS), we saw iRobot, again. I just noticed something at the part when James Cromwell is spewing crap about how extremely complex programs have the capability to transform and evolve themselves. Here’s the exact quote: There have always been ghosts in the machine. Random segments of code, that have grouped together to form unexpected protocols. Unanticipated, these free radicals engender questions of free will, creativity, and even the nature of what we might call the soul. Why is it that when… more →


This is genius. Editing flames into a clip of me snapping my fingers. Anyone else think FMA’s ending was a bit underwhelming? They could have all died or something. But meh, it never happens. Link NHS’s website is nearing completion. Well.. not really. It’s come a long way, but there’s still a lot I haven’t done yet. While making the event creation form, I found this service called JSLint. Now, HTML and CSS have the W3 (World Wide Web Consortium) validators to make sure everything’s neat and tidy. But JavaScript isn’t so lucky. So JSLint takes your JavaScript and tells you everything that’s wrong with it. And damn, it is relentless. I thought I had good coding habits.. But in return, you get reliable, quality code. This made me laugh. Firefox had a rush release the other day. Just 3 days… more →

No Magic

There is no magic in programming. Secluded towers of cables and equipment. Chairs suspended on beams from the wall. Men in black exploding shit with their furious key-mashing. Lines of random gibberish with occasional sequences of 0’s and 1’s. Movies might exaggerate the capability of guns and modern medicine, but it’s nothing like how computers are portrayedBOB feat Eminem and Hayley Williams - Airplanes Part II Guys in trucks can’t blow up your computer by hacking around. You see, computer parts that explode just doesn’t fly with the FCC. Here’s a theory: CG guys and animators don’t get famous doing movies. So management satisfies them with computer-smart characters that can blow stuff up. Believe me when I say programmers are all perfectionists. Naturally, people are used to super-high standards with computers. Dreams of utopian societies where computers make everything painless are inherently… more →

China 2010

Customary blog updates about vacations are so expected that they’re almost a requirement rather than a rarity. But this one lasted a mere 9 days, which took up the bulk of my school-free summer days. It’s almost hard not to write about it. 14 hour flight to China. Not too bad. Boeing 777 9-seater (wow) and little TV things. Oh cool, it has entertainment.. and a credit card reader. Oh great. But wait! Man, these movies are free? Oh crap, suddenly I feel like this flight won’t be too bad. I watch TV there till the pus is leaking from my eye-sockets. Then I doze off, while listening to their inadequate selection of asian pop music. Off the plane, to grandma’s house. On the inside, it’s huge. Even though it’s next to a dump.. But it’s a pretty nice dump. (as opposed to my ten-pounders from… more →


Commonly used in the music industry, remastering is the process of refining or reviving an old piece of art. Often, remastered pieces have qualities and nuances that are completely original. This is RogerHub Remastered.It has been nearly a month since I last posted. Perhaps I was too unsatisfied with the state of the website. RogerHub reflects what I did a year ago. Naturally, it’s missing a purpose. Internally, page generation is slow, modulation is nonexistent and the layout is horrid. Mentally, a dwindling hit count sparked a positive feedback loop of steady deterioration in interest. Rewrite: RogerHub’s internal generator, Boggert, was the cause of a lot of problems. It’s very inflexible and slow. (Kind of like Internet Explorer) So, I’ve made a series of changes and dubbed the new version, Boggert 2.0. Even though Boggert’s technical problems were fixed, RogerHub still had… more →


Man, boggert is so messy and ineffective and full of deprecated tables and such. It’s really amazing how much can change in just 9 months. That’s right. On May 26th, Boggert will be 9 months old. If it were a baby, it would be due! Okay, bad analogy... Boggert needs more AJAX, and some sprite-sheets and a more centralized database cache, and a neater design, and more extensibility and tons of other things that I had never heard of in Summer ‘09. I don’t plan to change Boggert, but I will use those techniques and others the theoretical Walnut NHS Website! Centralized database caching, code optimization, modularization, page buffers, permissions, serialization, and best of all, AJAX! and some awesome JQuery effects. I really hope this project will go live to completion.. then maybe I can fix up my blog. (and give microsoft their $125) (sunday..) We… more →

Last Goodbye

I’m very anti-facebook. But I’m not trying to convince you to stop using it. *ahem* One of the big reasons why I dislike it is that it’s incredibly difficult to delete your account. The deactivate button is a trap, because once you log back in, it’s like nothing even happened. And even with your account deactivated, you still get craploads of spam from them. But wait! I finally figured out how to truly delete your Facebook account. (If you ever decide to smarten up.) Login Go to the Account Deletion Request Page. Submit the form. But wait, that’s not all you have to do. It takes 14 days for them to delete your account, and if you slip-up and login even once, you have to start all over. See how hard it is? Man, what a find. I have to thank Dan Yoder and his "Top… more →