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Different Colors

AP Computer Science AP test was beyond ridiculous. Especially for me, most of it was CASHEE-level crap. Every time I have to waste hours taking computer-science tests, I always think: Why did I take this class? Logically, I could have five-d the AP Test with a week or so of preparation. And instead, I could have taken Physics or something more.. worthwhile. Though, without APCS, I wouldn’t have gotten a volunteer position at Collegewood. And screwing around during lectures wasn’t bad at all.. It’s annoying how these things work out. But actually, I DID learn stuff in APCS. I learned sorting and searching algorithms. Mostly because, I would usually use language-presets. The FRQ’s about writing huge problems were really daunting.. until you see the actual questions. I’m more open to big programming projects now. I finally found a programming language that I hate with a passion. HASHCODING! Even though… more →

ANY key?

A few days ago, Microsoft revealed a new website called Where’s the ‘Any’ Key?. IT guys post funny/fail tech support stories. I think that made my week.. Aside from the flat snow-line and discolored rocks, this picture is crazy realistic right? The wind was so strong on Thursday. This sign was knocked over. Those two facts are unrelated. Or are they? I was reading this CNN article titled Can world’s largest laser zap Earth’s energy woes? The story was exciting, but it was nothing compared to the comments.. I seriously never knew CNN community could be so insightful. ؟ Or relevant. ؟ At callbacks on Thursday (NHS), they switched me so that I’m running for parliamentarian. Apparently, parliamentarians manage the website and newsletter. (What does that have to do with parliament..?) I guess everyone thinks they’re good with computers, so they apply for parliamentarian. HMM, well good luck to you… more →


Do you know Jason Chen? Probably not. Not unless you’ve been on Gizmodo sometime this afternoon. (April 26) He’s the one that published the controversial article about the lost next-generation iPhone. And just last Friday, police raided his house (presumably in search of other lost Apple prototypes). You can read more about it here. There’s been a lot of bad air around Apple lately with the new developer policies and such. But this is ridiculous. (Almost as funny as Stephen Hawking and the alients) This sort of stuff is happening right up in San Francisco. WTF man. Just how messed up is our legal system? Anyways, I have been playing with CG graphics because it is just too awesome. Doesn’t that look awesome? (Almost as awesome as women pissing on walmart clothes (SFW)) Soo.. I am creating a video converter entitled Roger’s AVC. (Awesome/Audio Video… more →


The contest is over! Thanks Allan, for trying.. because they weren’t really that hard. I’ll get you something for your effort. Here’s the solutions: 1. otoborsirewsnaeht Flip the order of the letters, you get "theanswerisroboto". 2. botxfsjtuxjuufs Change each letter to the letter that comes before it alphabetically. (So B changes to A and F changes to E) You get "answeristwitter". 3. %54%68%65%20%70%61%73%73%77%6F%72%64%20%69%73%20%64%61%6E%67%6F There’s many ways of decoding this. Basically, this is hexadecimal ASCII. Try pasting it in your URL Bar: "Dango" highlighted everywhere.. The actual translation is "the answer is dango". 4. This one is encoded in BASE64. (according to the hint i gave you) So, first thing to do, is to google "Base 64 decoder". I’m gonna use this one ( It decodes into a binary file, but without the MIME type, it’s useless. Right? So, to find the mime type, we can look for clues within the file. Open it… more →


So, on thursday, I went to ASI Techexpo 2010, and it was like nerd-heaven. All the new crap that you hear about on Digg and Engadget. Yes, well I’m not gonna go into that. Surprisingly, it wasn’t completely devoid of girls. Though, most of them were there as attractions for guests. They were displaying this (instantly recognizable) case (used in this video). I didn’t get a real good picture of it because the room was dark It seemed like the bare minimum was i7 and triple-screens and ATI 5970... I also got these stickers that apparently, are in pretty high demand on the Internet. -- So you think you’re good with tetris? Try this version: I could only get 2 lines on this.. (source) Look at the label on the box. Hot pockets are sooo good/unhealthy. I’m sad to know that this genre even exists.. and that even Daughtry is… more →

El terremoto

Yay! It’s easter. I went ice skating today and afterwards, went to dinner with small group. And um.. apparently, there was an earthquake. Originally, it was like 6.9. But I guess that number was too provocative so they bumped it up to 7.2. I didn’t feel it. All these earthquakes lately have been scaring people.. I mean come on: source If there were a huge terremoto right here in LA, that would really suck. I mean, we’re the ones who usually get earthquakes. You can feel it coming can’t you? javascript:function ds(){ var newx=Math.floor(Math.random()*20); var newy=Math.floor(Math.random()*20); for (var i=0;i Copy+Paste this code into your URL Bar and press enter. All the pictures and stuff should start shaking and whatnot. If not.. uhh, sucks. This way, you can feel like there’s an earthquake! Although.. there’s not much point beyond that. Hmm.. my new favorite song: Uncle Kracker - Smile Ooh.. And I think… more →


Ughh.. AP Comp Sci. I thought it would be a chill class because it’s all basic Java. But I seriously, seriously hate it. It’s not hard. And I BS all the homework and projects. For an AP class, it’s on par with Environmental Sciences. But we’re just wasting time in that class. The methodology and thinking process might be good. But seriously, who uses Java? You don’t see multi-billion dollar companies based on Java. Normal people tend not to have JRE. What is the friggen point. You will literally hear me say "stupid waste of time" ten times during any given class period. (I will not complain about specifics, so I don’t bore all of you.) But there’s one language that’s very very useful. Unless you were hiding under a rock for the past ten years, you have heard of it. It’s... JavaScript! Yes! Ten… more →


Three things that I have learned to fear/hate/dislike (respectively): Video Game Addiction, Internet Explorer, and Facebook. Video Game Related Deaths Deaths caused by Video Games More Deaths caused by Gaming Guy Chokes Mother over World Of Warcraft Video game related deaths should be in their own category. One of the biggest killers is World of Warcraft. This article titled "5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted" explains it quite nicely. Video game companies were businesses first. Their primary goal is money, no matter what they tell you. They know all the tricks and methods of getting you to keep playing. Video games are designed to reward you for your effort. Whether it’s memorizing the level and hit points of a hundred monsters, or the moves and nature of every Pokemon. It’s amazing how many people believe that studying video games is productive. Ultimately,… more →


A few days ago, I started working on a project named RogerBot. It’s an artificial intelligence chat robot that actually plays out the responses through your speakers. RogerBot.exe (619K)RogerBot Release 1 by Roger ChenSupports Vista, Win7, WinXP (with .NET Framework)Download RogerBot So, you would talk to RogerBot the same way you would talk to your sibling. And you would hear a computerized voice reading out responses. So, there were two parts to this program: generating responses and getting the computer to read them. Reading responses wasn’t hard. There were plenty of built-in API’s for that. Generating responses wasn’t hard either; but rather, it was near impossible. At first it didn’t seem that challenging. It might look for certain words like "hi" or "hey" and classify sentences as greetings. Perhaps it could have a casework tree of different sentence categories. And then, a random response could… more →


Passion is a wonderful thing. Creativity beyond the normal scope of uniform excellence helps define who we are as a person. And that, is where the fault lies. Basketball, Japanese culture, Computer programming. Some people truly enjoy their passions. But how does a non-Japanese person develop a elitist attitude towards everything related to Japan? Some people have passion with the things they’re good at. Setting yourself apart and declaiming yourself as master of some art isn’t just pleasing. It’s overwhelming. Maybe you’re passionate because of the challenge. The race to win against others, and moreover, the race to improve. To show the world how despite the way your limits, success can still be obtained. Maybe you’re bored. Or rather, you don’t want to look bored; mindlessly occupying yourself with tasks that even you find uninteresting. Showing false enthusiasm as if being busy were a success in itself. Maybe… more →


Tumblr.. the easiest way to blog. Hmm. When I see a Tumblr, I think: what’s the point? A picture of a bear hugging a tree; a lame quote from your math teacher. Does it really mean anything? Content is generally the same across multiple tumblogs. Tumblr’s not a bad thing; it’s neutral at best. (for lazy people) But maintaining a blog just means so much more. Blogger, Wordpress, or even custom programs like Boggert. Layout-making, post-planning; Compared to real bloggi- actually, it can’t even be compared. (6:47:47 PM): but its a TUMBLR meaning (6:47:47 PM): its not realyl blogggigng (6:47:48 PM): its more like (6:47:50 PM): "KL:SJF:KLSJDFLKSJDLFS" (6:47:50 PM): or (6:47:53 PM): INSERT PICTURE HERE I don’t mean unoriginal, prosaic, cookie-cutter blogs. But useful, creative blogs that actually require effort. Web designing is an art-form that people rarely notice. The 20 preset-blogger themes are nice, but not personal. Blog templates themselves can take… more →


I’m sure you’ve stalked someone before. Going through their tweets and poring over their pictures, just to see how close you can get to them.. anonymously. But wait! Now there’s... After just 3 days, I have finished the beta version of RogerHub Pulse. Simply, RogerHub Pulse lets you stalk your stalkers. Here’s how it works: 1. You suspect that you have a stalker. 2. You sign up for RogerHub Pulse and get your very own RogerHub Pulse shim! A RogerHub Pulse Shim is a small gray square that is used to track visitors. 3. After putting this tracker in your website, when stalker-san visits your profile page for the hundredth time, your website notifies RogerHub Pulse that you’ve received a visitor. 4. You wait a day or two for your shim to collect enough information. Then, you go to RogerHub Pulse and check the data! You can also read… more →