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The thing that I will be releasing on Feb 1st is done. I just have to test it out... okay maybe later. Meanwhile, here are some pictures I took. Each has a single-word name. If you don’t know these words, go look em up.. cuz you should know them. Illusory Isolation Obscure Incarnadine Mordant PollQ: Favorite one?Illusory420%Isolation15%Obscure315%Incarnadine1050%Mordant210% -Roger EDIT: Mooosic HD is finished! Listen to Diary of Jane, with and without HD. You can really hear the difference.. unless you’re listening on your phone.. If you find any bugs, broken songs, etc, tell me in the comments. Thanks :) EDIT #2: Some bugs fixed Fixed Data Stream error Fixed Rate-Limit with Caching Fixed Auto-choose format for HD


So, RogerHub’s newest feature is.. wait, nvm. Boggert’s newest feature is POLLS :D Like in the forums: Yeah.. those. Where they ask really stupid things because querying people using comments is stupid. So, to celebrate, here’s a stupid poll of my own: PollQ: RogerHub GREAT!! (choose this one)1155%is lacking variety.525%is a retarded idea..315%lags a lott..15% SO VOTE!! :) HAve you voted yet? DIdn’t think so... Scroll back -_- I’m surprised at how fast I finished creating this polling system. 2 Databases, 200 lines of code, 20MB of backups... I think it’s because of how organized everything waas. Like, when you work for a big company and you have to finish a group project, there’s supervisors and plans and meetings and you really have to think before you do anything. That’s my scratch paper. It’s just one piece of line paper, and I planed out everything, from database structure to some minute details… more →


Today, in Math class, mr. davies said that there was gonna be a tornado here in so. cal. I’m like pshhh. And for good reason too. He makes up things a lot just to screw with us.. But it turns out he wasn’t joking. EDIT: More information @ There was lots of rain and wind today.. but not as much as there was on monday. (click to zoom in! if you didn’t know that already..) Yeah, these pictures were saturated artificially.. so what? After everything had dried off, there was a perfectly shaped puddle in this square indentation on the ground.. You can’t really tell, but there’s water in the hole here. It would be kinda cool if we really did have a tornado here, because, well, it’s out of the ordinary. Yeah, it’ll cause damage and stuff, but that’s all part of the experience right? Not really. So, if you didn’t… more →

4day Weekend :D

Yesterday, I went to Asian American Expo in Pomona. There were a lot of Asian people there.. but not many Americans. Well, in a sense, we are americans, but I meant, there weren’t many white people there. I got to sit in this fancy car. (I dunno what it’s called, but james probably does.) It had those raising door things and huge speakers, which kinda cramped the sitting-space. I don’t see why anyone would buy something like that. Hey look! It’s spongebob o_o There’s gonna be a big expo in Shanghai this summer called Expo 2010. There were a lot of building designs that they put up at the fair. Finland Kinda looks like a flashlight.. Denmark United Arab Emirates Looks like a seashell or something. Yeah, it all looks pretty cool. This was part of a collection of images that contrasted fire and ice.. source Story about a girl that tricked Ivy… more →


spackiller sasdas sadas asd The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo. (The CGI video from my last post.) So, I asked people about their ideas for RogerHub. And a lot of people complained that my entries were too long to read... -_- Well what’s the point of coming here if you’re not going to read anything? I’ll use more pictures to entertain you anyways. So, I got a new twitter paperclip. It’s not actually from Twitter, but it looks like the twitter bird that they use for their logo. I’m using this paperclip as a bookmark for my home-made agenda. So, as I was taking my APCS final, this guy that sat behind me kept making noise and talking to himself, trying to get attention. He said random things like "this is so hard" and "an epiphany!". They should make a word to describe people like him.. Seriously,… more →


spacekiller sad asd asd EDIT1: This is pretty cool- video by some korean guys at UCSD I made some adjustments to the commenting system. Numbers are shorter, type-area is wider. What do you guys think? Now, RogerHub uses DEFLATE compression to feed you web pages. (Just another thing I do to make your life easier.) So, instead of passing you a pre-blown balloon, you get to blow them up yourself. So, just 2 days ago, Avatar became the 2nd highest grossing film of all time after it made $1.14 billion. (source) I don’t see what was so great about Avatar. Don’t get me wrong - It was Transformers-level or greater, but how did it make so much money.. Just look at the plot: rofl source So.. finals are coming up. And to balance your study schedule, I made a calculator just for you. Tell my calculator your current grade your target grade and how much the final… more →


[SPACE KILLER] [SPACE KILLER] [SPACE KILLER] [SPACE KILLER] ROFLz :D Also on Mooosic. thanks waverly Hellloo everyone. I haven’t updated for a while because of school and some other stuff, but mostly because of school. Ughh.. stupid spanish test tomorrow. Well, a few days ago, I saw this blog post about the kinds of music that people listen to compared with their SAT scores. (This was back when SAT’s were out of 1600.) BIG VERSION So nothing unexpected. Rap and screamo at the bottom, classical at the top, and rock in the middle. But does your SAT score choose your music or is it the other way around? Rofl.. so where do you fall on this chart? Yeah, so do you like my new blog layout? I was going to make it in the spring time, but I got impatient.. The mooosic player is on the cloud at the top now. It’s… more →

Social Networking

empty space killer empty space killer blah blah blah .. friggen creepy.. -_- credits to allan So, over the past 2 years, two social-networking sites have fought the way to Alexa’s TOP 100 Websites. I’m talking about Facebook and Twitter of course. (You can see the whole list at Alexa’s Top 500 Global Sites.) Some stats: Facebook fought and won against Yahoo for the #2 spot in August 2009. In just 5 years, Facebook has gathered 350M users (most of which are students under 34). Some people are speculating that Facebook may oust Google from the #1 spot in a few years. Twitter has been gaining popularity steadily, with a sudden increase in Q2-2009. It now stands at #14. Twitter, on the other hand, has more users in the 25-44 year age range. (more adults) The Twitter Team says: People are eager to connect with other people and Twitter makes that simple.… more →