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Free stuff

Would you do something for free? Like, no recognition at all, and it doesn’t soothe your conscience either. Think of it like this: Your friend’s about to die, but you have a way to save him.  It involves killing yourself, but afterwards, everyone will remember you as the biggest douchebag ever and you won’t even remember you did it, but he’ll live (still thinking you were a shitty friend). If you let him die, you’ll forget that you ever had a chance to save him. You’ll feel pretty bad, but come on, as bad as it sounds, your life will go on. “That’s dumb, NO way man, why would I do that?.” It feels awkward thinking about these situations, so we avoid applying logic to them. But consider it: Even the soldier getting blown up knows very well in his… more →


Diaries are boring and messy, especially when we’ve got social networking bullshit to sate our narcissistic needs for attention. You can find real people to listen to your whining. Unreal right? Turns out, people love that stuff. I could make a program that would keep digital diary entries with dates and all that, but that’s just as boring as paper and pen. But ANALYTICS, now that would be cool. Trend-tracking and logistics about your life. Man, Zuckerberg didn’t even think of that. What if, somehow, a program could track your mood (happiness rating) or measure sarcasm and then graph it out, showing periods of depression, consistency, growth. It’s a journal that keeps track of what’s on your mind and how you’re feeling that day. Who knows, you could do a study and find out that weather affects peoples’ moods. Or China Earthquake drops global satisfaction… more →

Giving up

Giving up is just the stupidest thing ever. When things get to this point of sub-zero mediocrity, I really cannot do anything but sit, watch, and contemplate how something so stupid can happen. And now I’ve got it. There are two reasons why people give up, and only two: The first involves complaining, whining, basically a massive display of inferiority. The second is simply that you come to realize that the endeavor isn’t worth the time. I’ve got a ton of the 2nd one, and believe me, it’s much worse. I’ve been sorting through my old stuff and failure reason #2 is written everywhere. It’s one thing to know you’re lacking fortitude and perseverance. Laughable, but not as bad as stupidity. I’ve got projects from games of snake to equation solving software to webcam chat programs to online question/answer forum software to video/audio converters… more →


Programming is just wonderful. It just saves you from doing all this busywork and just opens the possibilities and.. okay this is bullshit. I’m just horrible at writing these introductions to product launches and honestly, I don’t know how other people put up with it. It’s like Steve Jobs or that funny Indian guy at Google. On one hand, they’ve got everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for whatever groundbreaking crap their company is gonna introduce but on the other hand, they’re worried about initial reactions and the pressure is huge when you’ve been working with your development team in completely secrecy for months making this new product and then you start thinking how people will absolutely hate it or how it won’t be profitable or if you should slowly reveal the details or give it to them… more →


You know, I never noticed how closely Facebook represents the ideal society where all people are connected by a wireless, open, yet secure and intelligent infrastructure of communication. Except it’s not. I’m not saying Zuckerberg is the problem. In fact, now I realize he isn’t. It’s natural human tendency to want to know anything and everything everyone thinks about you, then take absolute legal and physical control of it and use it to take advantage of everybody and ultimately screw over the world. What’s life without a little atrocity right? Put anyone in that CEO’s chair and they’ll do an equally crappy job. Then, you remember that Zuckerberg doesn’t owe you anything. His goal is to make money and he’s doing a pretty good job with that. The problem lies in the fact that Facebook is a centralized, greedy, selfish… more →

Virtual lens overlay

Okay so you’ve gone 500 years into the future and now, everyone has these little gadgets called vlo’s (Virtual Lens Overlay) and it’s like a pair of contact lenses and a device that you put in your pocket (kind of like a iPod). So, these contact lenses have a digital display that imposes virtual objects onto/next to/around what’s actually there in real life. These objects include like biography data next to people that you don’t know, encyclopedia data about places or monuments, to virtual projections of news and videos on flat surfaces. The lenses can communicate wirelessly with the device in your pocket. The device has a radar like thing that can sense out your environment as well as where your contact lenses are relative to the device. Then it renders all these virtual objects on its quantum processor and… more →

Spanish art

Why do we have to learn about art.. in Spanish? If anything, he’s just teaching us how to use Spanish Google. Because who does analysis of art anymore? Especially online.. it just doesn’t mix. He probably sees some sort of big problem with the US education system and he’s trying to change it by teaching Spanish students about art. Then again, I could be wrong. I found one so far, and it was from a blog. Figures.. Video games are a drain on society. They give a fake sense of accomplishment to people who need it. That’s where the addiction stems from, not anything else. It’s because games have this system of merit, like the time (and money) you invest in a game is directly proportional to how much people like you. Then, these game addicts tell themselves that they can… more →

More speculations

Does IB need a website? Like maybe a forum? That would be nice, because you don’t wanna bother people who are busy with questions, and unless we get busy signs or something.. Rather, it could be like a Ajax-based Question and Answer forum where it would be like, you would be on this website and then you’d be writing your Biology study guide and doing stuff and “pop” a question scrolls down “Hey what are we supposed to attach to the 6A lab for davies?” and then you’re like “Oh I know” and you like “type type type type” and press “Respond” and the clueless guy on the other end sees an answer scroll into his window and he’s like okay! And then I see the question and the answer and I press “confirm” saying yeah that’s what I heard… more →

Redesign again

Holy crap I need to learn not to be so clumsy with database operations. Meh, this post was lost and I don’t want to type all of it out again. So, this latest RogerHub redesign took around an hour because I’ve switched to WordPress which is incomparably easier to manage than Boggert. I’m dead serious, handling a custom blogging program is a nightmare, don’t ever try it. But still, Boggert was good fun and good learning and fun while it lasted.. for that one year, and now I’ve got a firmer grasp on web programming and stuff, skills that will be useful later on sometime, which is what I’m hoping for anyways. Okay, back to History IA. Bye! EDIT: Whew, backups are ~1MB now. Crazy (they’re plain-text)

Future of Boggert

Boggert’s a year old. More than that really, like 1.4 or something. Kenny, last year I was really biased about how great having a custom-made blogging system was. It was mostly because those two weeks of programming gave me something to show for my effort and I just couldn’t let go of that. Honestly, the bragging period is over, especially now that I’ve got the much-more-well-structured NHS Website there for show. But last night, I was looking at WordPress and man, I just can’t believe it. Post-output processing and cache regeneration: I thought of it but it was too tough for me to implement. Regex URL rewriting: I couldn’t do it last year, but I eventually did. And not even that. Just the amount of effort that was put into WP gives it that connected feel. Not that disgusting, horrific… more →

How did this happen.

I just thought of another brilliant idea, but no time to do it: A aggregator that brings together updates from your friends blogs, news feeds, tumblr; essentially a RSS reader but with a learning curve that normal people can handle. But then there’s stupid Facebook which has all sorts of whatever going on that I don’t know about and Vincent, those email notifications about a IB Group damn.. How did this happen? How could this have happened? Where one day, Facebook will have some sort of exclusive hold on information, almost as if some idiot will start using Facebook as a sole outlet of communication. Zuckerberg must be sitting somewhere, laughing and speculating about how far his little project can screw up the world before someone notices. If we’re lucky, some big disaster will occur and it’ll stop this crisis… more →

Ugly socks

I haven’t really posted anything in a while, and it’s pretty obvious as to why. Now that I’ve taken SAT, I still have a BIO reading to catch up on, another hundred pages to read for English, my IOP, but damn, you didn’t come here so I could complain to you. And frankly, there is nothing to complain about. Even though I don’t like losing sleep as much as the next guy, I appreciate how I’m like busy all the time. No time to idly thing of million-dollar projects and try (and fail) them. No time to make a better bow. I want to learn skateboarding, but really that’s just because I can’t drive, I gotta walk home, and I’m even considering cutting down on walking-home time now. So either, I learn to drive (troublesome and heh), or I can… more →