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10 Words

Hmm.. I counted my code again because last time was only a rough estimate. 25 files total. And it came out to 5787 (half of which comes from one file). Wow i waste a lot of time doing this -_- Hmm, a dictionary if you need it. Aloof Macabre Mellifluous Prestidigation Quiescent Repugnant Seraphic Testament Vernal Imperturbable Hey there was some guy taking pictures at the park. He looks pretty awesome PollQ: Favorite one?Aloof00%Macabre00%Mellifluous00%Prestidigation433.3%Quiescent00%Repugnant00%Seraphic18.3%Testament18.3%Vernal433.3%Imperturbable216.7% These are all resized.. so tell me if you want the full-size versions for any of these. Oh and I found this awesome web-designer blog called But it might not be interesting to you unless you’re in to webdesign. Hmmm, who’s ready to get screwed on wednesday? :[ Roger Oh and I’m working on another new project which I will release.. in a few days. maybe. It’s actually useful, unlike the love calculator thing which was just for fun.


So in my Torandoo post, I mentioned that it’s a bad habit to name your links "click here" or "download" or stupid things like that. Specifically: You know, there’s a supposed "rule" that you shouldn’t name links stupid things like "click here" or "download this". It’s because search engines (ie. Google) don’t pickup on those things, and they have no idea what you’re talking about. They tend to ignore links with "go here" in them. So.. the big idea behind this is something called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. You already know what a search engine is. You probably use it every day. I have one as my home page, and you probably do too. Simply put, search engines index the internet. Google has huge databases of webpages, including RogerHub! 126 pages of my website.. indexed and cached in their huge database Now.. when you… more →

Full-size buttons!

So, the latest new Boggert feature: Full-size buttons! Now, in the bottom right corner of every picture i post, there’s a button you can click to see the full size.. I hope this gets rid of the confusion Example: I used negative-positioning to do this. It’s actually pretty easy. soo.. I painted a keyboard with tempera paint.. which was a bad idea, since it comes off with water. I should have used spraypaint =_= Painting.. Drying... Sitting.. in front of my awesome computer. Hmm.. Now I don’t know what to do with it. Lately, Adobe’s been pretty mean to me. Do you see a difference in these two pictures? Rounded Squared Well, they’re both snippets of the top righthand corner of my screen. The first window’s not maximized, the second one is.. so, if the corner is rounded, pressing the top-left-most pixel of the screen actually closes my Firefox (which is underneath… more →


Hmmm... recently I stubled upon another hilarious (and awesome) website.. Go check out Or at least bookmark it for your collection of things-to-do-when-you’re-bored. Sooo.. there’s a really nice and detailed infographic about the 2012 Phenomenon, which I believe to be utter bullshit. Of course, I shouldn’t be taking because I’m not an archeology major. I’m not even that clear on the details behind 2012. But the infographic seems to be able to disprove every argument very logically. Yeah, so I watched 2012 last year, and the movie sucked.. nothing else to say about it. SPOILER - But one thing that caught my attention was when the hobo guy said that 2012 was synonymous with the Rapture.. Okay, he might have been just spewing BS there, but I just had to Google it anyways.. So, Google points me to a website written by some guy… more →


Soo.. RogerHub has a new feature called LazyLoad. Because there’s so many pictures and things on RogerHub, my website loads a bit slowly.. especially if you’re on a slow connection. So now, images only load after you scroll down and see them. You can get more info at the developer’s site. It’s fairly easy to implement. No.. I did not rig the calculator =_= actually, I didn’t even know these people till a few days ago This is probably one of the most controversial taskbar icons... Using "Safely Remove Hardware" as a title is kind of ironic. Instead of assuring people that they can safely remove their precious external harddrives, this title actually broaches the idea that there’s a un-safe way to remove USB drives.. So this happens: >> Hey gimme my flashdrive << Yeah, sure (pulls flashdrive out of computer) >> WTF dude, you didn’t… more →


So, Boggert code has officially reached 3000 lines! Actually, it’s a lot more than 3000, since there’s a lot of snippets I didn’t count. So, now you can add a URL when you post a comment. If you do, then you can click on the name to go to the website! If you didn’t understand that, here’s some pictures to show you how it works: Type in your name and website address. See the red area? You can click that part to go to the person’s website. Okay, so if you’re a RogerHub freak like I am, you might have noticed that when you highlight text, it’s a different color. (Does not show up on Internet Explorer) It looks like this. Yeah, so this thing is part of a new standard of Cascading Style Sheets dubbed CSS3 (as in CSS version 3). With CSS3 and HTML5, there’s a… more →

Mooosic HD!

EDIT: Sorry for the downtime. My host has been having some troubles.. This week has been going by pretty fast. Collegewood w/ Julian on tuesday, Spanish presentation (that i failed) on wednesday, and now I’m working on some new stuff for Mooosic. Yeah, it looks like all the songs are gone. But don’t worry! I’ve backed up the original configuration and now I’m trying some new stuff, in order to bring you: Faster speeds and lower file sizes! Better quality (bitrate)! More reliable streaming! More awesome MOOOSIC!! PollQ: Does MooosicHD sound better?Yep, it’s a lot clearer.111.1%Uhh, I really can’t tell..111.1%It was good to begin with :)777.8% Yeah, you know it’s awesome cuz it’s RogerHub. Yeah so again, sorry that it’s not working right now. Gimme some time, and it’ll be better than before. Right? Yeah I’m looking forward to taking off that "BETA" from the HD checkbox. :) the clouds outside… more →

Magic Machine

Upon request, I have developed the perfect symmetry of emotion and logic. The epitome of artificial intelligence. The most convoluted of mathematical algorithms. The ultimate in predictive precognition. The one and only.... RogerHub Love Calculator! Okay.. I’m just joking about all that crap.. but listen: There’s a new calculator on RogerHub and it figures out how much compatibility two people will have. (Scored from 0% to 100%) You can use it at So.. go see the magic machine yourself! PollQ: Love calculator?OMG COOL :D1184.6%This is all BS, so i’m not even gonna try it.215.4% Hey.. so if you didn’t know already, you can now post comments from RogerHub services just like you can with my blog posts. Each of the services is linked to a post that explains it or something.. so yeah. >> I’m glad you liked the pictures that I posted in my last blog post. Yeahh. I like the… more →

5 Words

The thing that I will be releasing on Feb 1st is done. I just have to test it out... okay maybe later. Meanwhile, here are some pictures I took. Each has a single-word name. If you don’t know these words, go look em up.. cuz you should know them. Illusory Isolation Obscure Incarnadine Mordant PollQ: Favorite one?Illusory420%Isolation15%Obscure315%Incarnadine1050%Mordant210% -Roger EDIT: Mooosic HD is finished! Listen to Diary of Jane, with and without HD. You can really hear the difference.. unless you’re listening on your phone.. If you find any bugs, broken songs, etc, tell me in the comments. Thanks :) EDIT #2: Some bugs fixed Fixed Data Stream error Fixed Rate-Limit with Caching Fixed Auto-choose format for HD


So, RogerHub’s newest feature is.. wait, nvm. Boggert’s newest feature is POLLS :D Like in the forums: Yeah.. those. Where they ask really stupid things because querying people using comments is stupid. So, to celebrate, here’s a stupid poll of my own: PollQ: RogerHub GREAT!! (choose this one)1155%is lacking variety.525%is a retarded idea..315%lags a lott..15% SO VOTE!! :) HAve you voted yet? DIdn’t think so... Scroll back -_- I’m surprised at how fast I finished creating this polling system. 2 Databases, 200 lines of code, 20MB of backups... I think it’s because of how organized everything waas. Like, when you work for a big company and you have to finish a group project, there’s supervisors and plans and meetings and you really have to think before you do anything. That’s my scratch paper. It’s just one piece of line paper, and I planed out everything, from database structure to some minute details… more →


Today, in Math class, mr. davies said that there was gonna be a tornado here in so. cal. I’m like pshhh. And for good reason too. He makes up things a lot just to screw with us.. But it turns out he wasn’t joking. EDIT: More information @ There was lots of rain and wind today.. but not as much as there was on monday. (click to zoom in! if you didn’t know that already..) Yeah, these pictures were saturated artificially.. so what? After everything had dried off, there was a perfectly shaped puddle in this square indentation on the ground.. You can’t really tell, but there’s water in the hole here. It would be kinda cool if we really did have a tornado here, because, well, it’s out of the ordinary. Yeah, it’ll cause damage and stuff, but that’s all part of the experience right? Not really. So, if you didn’t… more →

4day Weekend :D

Yesterday, I went to Asian American Expo in Pomona. There were a lot of Asian people there.. but not many Americans. Well, in a sense, we are americans, but I meant, there weren’t many white people there. I got to sit in this fancy car. (I dunno what it’s called, but james probably does.) It had those raising door things and huge speakers, which kinda cramped the sitting-space. I don’t see why anyone would buy something like that. Hey look! It’s spongebob o_o There’s gonna be a big expo in Shanghai this summer called Expo 2010. There were a lot of building designs that they put up at the fair. Finland Kinda looks like a flashlight.. Denmark United Arab Emirates Looks like a seashell or something. Yeah, it all looks pretty cool. This was part of a collection of images that contrasted fire and ice.. source Story about a girl that tricked Ivy… more →