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spackiller sasdas sadas asd The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo. (The CGI video from my last post.) So, I asked people about their ideas for RogerHub. And a lot of people complained that my entries were too long to read... -_- Well what’s the point of coming here if you’re not going to read anything? I’ll use more pictures to entertain you anyways. So, I got a new twitter paperclip. It’s not actually from Twitter, but it looks like the twitter bird that they use for their logo. I’m using this paperclip as a bookmark for my home-made agenda. So, as I was taking my APCS final, this guy that sat behind me kept making noise and talking to himself, trying to get attention. He said random things like "this is so hard" and "an epiphany!". They should make a word to describe people like him.. Seriously,… more →


spacekiller sad asd asd EDIT1: This is pretty cool- video by some korean guys at UCSD I made some adjustments to the commenting system. Numbers are shorter, type-area is wider. What do you guys think? Now, RogerHub uses DEFLATE compression to feed you web pages. (Just another thing I do to make your life easier.) So, instead of passing you a pre-blown balloon, you get to blow them up yourself. So, just 2 days ago, Avatar became the 2nd highest grossing film of all time after it made $1.14 billion. (source) I don’t see what was so great about Avatar. Don’t get me wrong - It was Transformers-level or greater, but how did it make so much money.. Just look at the plot: rofl source So.. finals are coming up. And to balance your study schedule, I made a calculator just for you. Tell my calculator your current grade your target grade and how much the final… more →


[SPACE KILLER] [SPACE KILLER] [SPACE KILLER] [SPACE KILLER] ROFLz :D Also on Mooosic. thanks waverly Hellloo everyone. I haven’t updated for a while because of school and some other stuff, but mostly because of school. Ughh.. stupid spanish test tomorrow. Well, a few days ago, I saw this blog post about the kinds of music that people listen to compared with their SAT scores. (This was back when SAT’s were out of 1600.) BIG VERSION So nothing unexpected. Rap and screamo at the bottom, classical at the top, and rock in the middle. But does your SAT score choose your music or is it the other way around? Rofl.. so where do you fall on this chart? Yeah, so do you like my new blog layout? I was going to make it in the spring time, but I got impatient.. The mooosic player is on the cloud at the top now. It’s… more →

Social Networking

empty space killer empty space killer blah blah blah .. friggen creepy.. -_- credits to allan So, over the past 2 years, two social-networking sites have fought the way to Alexa’s TOP 100 Websites. I’m talking about Facebook and Twitter of course. (You can see the whole list at Alexa’s Top 500 Global Sites.) Some stats: Facebook fought and won against Yahoo for the #2 spot in August 2009. In just 5 years, Facebook has gathered 350M users (most of which are students under 34). Some people are speculating that Facebook may oust Google from the #1 spot in a few years. Twitter has been gaining popularity steadily, with a sudden increase in Q2-2009. It now stands at #14. Twitter, on the other hand, has more users in the 25-44 year age range. (more adults) The Twitter Team says: People are eager to connect with other people and Twitter makes that simple.… more →

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s very addicting, but overall, a pretty stupid game. :D Yeah, perfect for me. You can try the free flash version, download a free trial, or buy the full thing. You could also get this game through some other methods... *ahem* Random pictures: I took these with my phone, so the quality isn’t that great ._. The clouds in this one kind of look like a rib cage..


Today, I had to go somewhere. But I forgot. I’m not going in to anymore detail than that. But forgetting things is just so easy for me. Especially because of winter break and everything. I can’t just keep forgetting things, so I decided that I needed an agenda or notebook to keep track of things that I had to do. I don’t mean routine things like going to church or bringing PE clothes, but special events that don’t follow a specific schedule. I was going to go to Staples and buy one of those nice fancy planners that they always have, but instead, I just made one myself. So, I’m gonna show you how I made it. (The final product.) So, you’ll need Spiral Notebook. (Composition books don’t work well for this. Knife Pliers By this point, you probably already know what I’m gonna say word for word. Mainly… more →

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! Those balloons were hard to make ._. Look at the 99 Ranch people wearing hats :) I highlighted them so you can see it better. -Roger I’m looking for new music to put on the Mooosic thing >> Any ideas?


If you haven’t watched 500 Days of Summer or Coraline, go watch them. They’ve both been out for a while now. It was really windy today. That’s why this picture’s really blurry: More pictures: So which one do you like best? Mooosic updates: Lots of new songs on Mooosic. The new ones are indicated with the *NEW* thing on their titles. Does anyone even listen to Mooosic? ._.

Freeing up Disk Space (4Nubs)

4 Ways to Free-Up disk space. (Without destroying your computer.) 1. Shadow Copies Shadow copies were introduced back in WinXP days. They were geared towards big companies that had lots of important information. If someone deleted or modified a file and you needed the original copy back, shadow copies could get it for you. It’s not as idealistic as it sounds. Shadow copying just makes periodic copies of files that you enable it on. So, instead of having 1 40KB word document, you have 10, from the past 10 weeks. Obviously, this method can take up a lot of disk space. Most of us don’t really care about our data. And when we do, we’re smart enough to back it up somewhere else. But Microsoft has enabled shadow-copies by default with Windows Vista and Windows 7. So, to fix this problem, you can limit the… more →

CSS Mini-Reference

CSS is the part of web-designing that makes your stuff look pretty. You can apply CSS in a lot of ways. First, you can put the CSS directly in a HTML tag by using the style attribute. <div style="color:red;">This text is red!</div> This code produces: This text is red! Don’t forget to put a semicolon (;) after each CSS statement. You can also apply CSS using internal style sheets. A typical HTML document looks like this: <!DTD blah blah> <HTML> <HEAD> (The CSS goes right here.) </HEAD> <BODY> </BODY> </HTML> In the HEAD section of your HTML document, add these tags to indicate an internal style sheet. <style type="text/css"> </style> All of your internal style-sheet stuff goes between these two style tags. You can apply styles by the tag-name (div, span, img, a). You can also apply them by the ID or the CLASS of the tag. So, if you wanted to make all your links red, type this inside your… more →


New Twitter! Epically awesome: New picture: (Off the cliff next to DB’s Kaiser Clinic.) What do you think? netsh interface ip set address name="Local Area Connection" static 1 (Sets IP Config. Good for brute-force network hacks.) more info -Roger I have a habit of juxtaposing unrelated things, as you can see.


There’s no perfect product. On Newegg, RMA and DOA stories make you feel as if everything sucks. There are lot of complaints about web hosting services and I had to look through hundreds to come to the right one. So, if you’re wondering how much something sucks, ask the Internet. And when I say Internet, I mean Google. In Google’s all-powerful searchbar, type in "[Product] sucks" (Make sure you include the quotes. This makes google search for both of the words together instead of separately.) After you get your results, look for the number of result pages that you get. This is the suckage rating. So, to see how much Real Player sucks, do a Google search on "Real Player Sucks" If a product has a space, or if it has multiple names, add the totals from all the searches combined. For example, IE Sucks returns 45200 results (at the time… more →